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Used 2019 Yamaha MT-07 MT-07|1,355 Miles

TECH BLACK Exterior | 689 4 Cyl. |Manual Transmission
Internet Price$6,499

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2019 YAMAHA MT-07 IN THE SHOWCASE HOUSE! ONLY 1355 MILES!! YES THIRTEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE MILES...NOT A TYPO. HERE IS WHAT YAMAHA HAS TO SAY.."Inspired by the Dark Side of Japan, the MT-07 has taken Europe by storm – and is now one of Yamaha´s best-selling bikes of all time. And it´s easy to see why so many riders have chosen to ride this exciting Hyper Naked." TOP SPEED QUOTE IS "This could be your "I just want to have fun" bike" AND MCNEWS WRITES" It’s more than good enough for commuting and mucking about on, while being fine for weekend roll up the hills or to your favorite coffee shop on the coast. Aggressive riding at speeds above the national limit is not really what this bike is about, however you can push things past where you think the 07 will perform, and it will surprise you. ALL THIS BIKE NEEDS IS A NEW OWNER!
Welcome to Showcase of Cars and Cycles, we are proud to be serving Plainfield as the newest online used vehicle dealer. With over 17 years of automotive experience , we pride ourselves on offering hand picked pre owned motorcycles and a few 4 wheel versions that just about anyone can afford.We believe in community support, our vehicles are all inspected and repaired by local repair facilities Fluid Motor Union on 119th & RT 59, and detailed at Crossroads Spa in Plainfield as well. We are fully aware that without you as customers, there can be no us. We will do our very best to make sure that your purchase is pleasant and lacking all of what is so typical at the big franchise stores. We just keep it simple, nice bikes/cars at great prices. *** WE DO NOT AND NEVER WILL DEAL WITH ANY VEHICLES WITH SALVAGE OR REBUILT TITLES....PERIOD. ***

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This 2019 Yamaha MT-07 is available at:
 13900 S. Van Dyke RD, Suite 112
Plainfield, IL  60544 | Get directions

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